Best Portable Generators for Tailgating

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It’s tailgate party time, and you want to make this party more interesting and cool. For a tailgate party to be successful, you will need the right gear and equipment.

A portable generator is one of the main items of a tailgate party. It is impossible to ignore the importance of a fridge, television, or mobile phone charger when you are away from your home.

Portable generators are the only option. With a portable generator, you’ll have everything you need for entertainment and make your tailgate party uninterrupted.

Best Portable Generator for Tailgating

The following are the best portable generators for tailgating so that you don’t have to bother yourself with looking for them on your own.

Top 6 Best Portable Generators For Tailgating

Products ImageProduct NameDetailsPrice
Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt Portable Inverter Generator - Best Portable Generators For TailgatingHonda EU2200iWattage (Start: 2,200 / Running: 1,800)
Noise: 48 to 57 dB
Weight: 46.5 lbs
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YAMAHA EF2200iS - Best Portable Generators For TailgatingYamaha EF2200iS Inverter GeneratorWattage (Start: 2,000 / Running: 1,600)
Noise: 53 dB
Weight: 48 lbs
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Champion Power Equipment 200961Champion Power Equipment 200961
Gas-Wattage (Start: 2500/ Running: 1850) Propane-Wattage (Start: 2500/ Running: 1665)
Noise: 53 dB
Weight: 39 lbs
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Generac GP2200iGenerac GP2200i Wattage (Start: 2200/ Running: 1700)
Noise: 65-70 dB
Weight: 46.6 lbs
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WEN 56200i - Best Portable Generators For TailgatingWEN 56200iWattage (Start: 2,000 / Running: 1,600)
Noise: 53 dB
Weight: 48 lbs
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Pulsar G2319N 2,300W Portable Gas-Powered Inverter Generator - Best Portable Generators for TailgatingPulsar G2319N Wattage (Start:2300 / Running: 1800)
Noise: 59 dB
Weight: less than 47 lbs
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1. Honda EU2200i – Editor’s Choice

Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt Portable Inverter Generator - Best Portable Generators For Tailgating
  • There is less noise than a normal conversation with the EU2200i, which runs at 48 to 57 dB
  • Fuel efficiency is one of the best features of the EU2200i. Based on the load, it can run between 4.0 and 9.6 hours on one tank
  • Inverter technology from Honda offers a cleaner, more stable power in a more compact, lighter package

There’s no beating this Honda generator since it has a powerful engine that measures just over 120cc, yet it is extremely quiet, making it a perfect generator for camping and tailgating.

Additionally, the Honda EU2200i produces very little noise, and its inverter system is a welcome feature for outdoor users, as well as their neighbors. 57 dB(A) of output level is measured at maximum output. You can relax and have some fun with friends at an audible volume that’s so quiet.

The Honda generator also weighs a decent amount. When you move it around, you won’t have to break a sweat since it weighs only 47 pounds.

Honda’s Eco-Throttle system is also installed on this model. Besides saving money on fuel, the unit can run for 3 to 8 hours on a single tank, making it possible for you to leave the fuel can at home and keep the generator running.

There’s a handy ‘Fuel Off’ option that prevents stale fuel in the carburetor by keeping it cleaner longer. 

When you combine the parallel-capable properties of the generator with a name that exists since the beginning, you have a really good package.


  • Parallelism in multiple dimensions
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Residential and commercial users can both benefit from the warranty


  • Honda’s name will cost you a little more
  • Some competitors are less fuel-efficient than others

2. Yamaha EF2200iS Inverter Generator – Best User Friendly

YAMAHA EF2200iS - Best Portable Generators For Tailgating
  • The engine size is 79cc, resulting in a powerful output
  • Yamaha’s sophisticated exhaust system ensures quiet operation
  • The power is automatically adjusted according to the device’s needs based on automatic load sensing

One more inverter generator is the Yamaha EF2200iS. At a maximum sound level of 65 DB(A), it emits a little more noise than the Honda entry, but it is still relatively quiet considering the power it delivers.

The Yamaha comes with some fantastic specifications. The carb will stay cleaner for longer with the fuel shutoff. Likewise, this model makes use of a recoil pull-start just like Honda’s, and while that is less convenient than an electronic starter, users praise how easily this model begins, and the fuel shut-off will make it even more convenient.

Despite being slightly heavier than the Honda above, with a weight of just over 55 pounds, its modest 79cc engine offers 10.5 hours of runtime on 25% load in addition to being slightly more fuel-efficient.

You’ll save money on fuel with Yamaha’s smart throttle system, which Yamaha calls a ‘fuel management system’.

As with a Honda generator, this one provides the same power output capacity. However, it includes TwinTechTM technology, through which you can combine two generators and generate up to 30 amps.

Honda and Yamaha are difficult to choose between. This will depend on whether you need a little more runtime, or if you want it lighter.


  • Sensors with sensitive pulse widths will benefit from pulse width modification
  • Easy to start and fuel-efficient
  • Design that is appealing


  • No USB charging ports

3. Champion Power Equipment 200961 – Best Dual Fuel

Champion Power Equipment 200961
  • Gas or propane can be used in this portable generator
  • It has two household outlets with 120V and 20A power with clean electricity
  • Technical support FREE for life from dedicated experts, 3-year limited warranty included

A Champion Power Equipment inverter generator is one of the best generators for boats and RVs. Power Equipment Corporation is one of the best power equipment manufacturers, providing different models to fit everyone’s needs.

This product is extremely quiet, which makes it a great product. Its sound is similar to an electric transformer, as it produces 53dB. With a weight of 39 pounds, this compact generator is portable.

This unit is also distinguished by the fact that it comes with two 120V outlets on its control panel. Mobile devices as well as small household appliances such as juicers, coffee makers, fans, heaters, juicers, etc. can be charged with this generator. 

Even though this generator is a lightweight unit, it has an Economy mode. It runs more efficiently in Economy mode, which decreases gas consumption. Additionally, it uses gasoline and propane and is a dual fuel generator.

This portable generator is a good option if you need more power. The 200961 Generator has all the features a small portable generator should have, whether you’re camping, boating, or using it at home. 

You can use this impressive generator for many years since it comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • Efficiencies in fuel consumption
  • USB ports are included
  • The engine runs on two types of fuel (Gasoline and Propane)


  • The fuel tank of low capacity

4. Generac GP2200i – Appealing Design

Generac GP2200i
  • With true power technology, electronics, tools, and appliances can take advantage of clean, stable power
  • Fuel efficiency and noise reduction are excellent with economy mode
  • Low-oil, overload, and power status are indicated by the LED status lights

The next portable generator on our list weighs 46 pounds, and it’s the Generac GP2200i. In terms of price, it again falls into the middle of the tailgating generator range, powered by an 80cc engine producing 1700 watts of continuous power and a maximum starting power of 2200 watts.

With its parallel-ready capability and 12-gallon fuel tank, this generator can run for nearly 11 hours at a quarter of its capacity.

The overall size and shape of this device make it easy to carry between uses, and a decent selection of outlets make it easy to connect.

This is a word of caution, especially for tailgaters who will be using their new portable generator. It’s not specified by the manufacturer what noise level this product produces, but we discovered that when fully loaded it produces about 60 decibels (A).

The Generac has also been plagued with a few problems, from faulty recoil chords to no warranty support and poor build quality.

As far as specifications are concerned, this is comparable. As far as costs and reported issues are concerned, it is not.


  • An acceptable runtime
  • Outlet with breakers that can be reset
  • Portable USB charging station and lightweight


  • The warranty period is shorter
  • There are problems with the service

5. WEN 56200i – Best In Value For Money

WEN 56200i - Best Portable Generators For Tailgating
  • The 79.7 cc OHV 4-stroke engine has a 2000-serge-watt rating and 1600-rated-watt rating and is EPA III and CARB Compliant
  • The product is perfect for campers, construction workers, tailgaters, and even during power outages
  • Features two 120V outlets, one 12V DC outlet, and a USB port with a 5V power supply

If you’re on a budget, you might just find this generator to be the best choice. Transporting it is easy, and the one-gallon tank can sustain a half-load run for more than six hours, an incredible feat for such a lightweight and inexpensive generator. 

In order to boost fuel economy, you can always put this generator into Eco-Mode. It automatically adjusts the fuel consumption of the motor. The Parallel Connection Kit allows you to connect two identical generators so that wattage can be shared between them. 

With its full-featured design, the panel provides a three-prong 120V outlet, a 12V DC outlet, and a 5V USB port. 

It also features an automatic shutdown system when oil or fuel levels are low, as well as an overload protection system, so your generator and electronics are protected.

We had one complaint about the model’s height and weight. Transporting this piece can be quite challenging because of its height and weight in comparison with others.


  • Ensures clean power is provided in order to avoid damaging sensitive electronics such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and televisions
  • The machine operates quietly and efficiently
  • A lightweight generator that can be linked with others of the same type


  • It’s a pretty tall design
  • Heavy compared to the competition

6. Pulsar G2319N – Compact and Highly Portable

Pulsar G2319N 2,300W Portable Gas-Powered Inverter Generator - Best Portable Generators for Tailgating
  • It has 2300 W peak power and 1,800 W running power
  • On a tank of 1.18 gallons of fuel, the unit can run for 4.8 hours at half load
  • With WAVE Technology, laptops, cell phones, and other sensitive electronic devices can receive pure, safe electrical power for powering and charging

If you only need a small amount more power than WEN 56200i, this inverter generator from Pulsar is a good choice. Having a rated power output of 1800 watts and a peak power output of 2300 watts, this generator from Pulsar will handle heavy demands well. 

A full tank of 1.18 gallons (4.5 liters) of fuel will allow the engine to run up to six hours in economy mode and almost five hours under half-load. In a 10-foot distance, it produces 59 dB of sound, the same amount as a normal conversation with your camping neighbors.

Clean Power monitors the voltage of your sensitive electronics to ensure a smooth current flow. This is made possible by an 80cc 4-stroke motor.

By simply plugging in a smartphone into a USB socket, you no longer need an adapter. You will also find two 120-volt sockets. A 12-volt socket for adapters similar to those found in cars. 

Moreover, there is the possibility of connecting two generators from the same series simultaneously.


  • Case design that is compact
  • Easy to handle with a weight under 47 lbs
  • Tailgating, camping, and using small 120V appliances are all possible with this charger


  • The noise level isn’t too quiet
  • It is a bit dull to look at the color and design
  • Running time of six hours

Tips to Consider While Purchasing The Best Portable Generator For Tailgating

You will need to consider the following things before you purchase your portable generator for tailgating:


A portable generator’s power output is important since you must know how many things can be operated simultaneously. Watts are the measurement of power. 

You can find the best generator by adding up how many watts you need for all the electrical necessities that you will need while tailgating. 

If you turn each of these on for the first time, you should also know how much power it draws. You may need more power than you think. Generators that produce approximately 2,000 watts are sufficient in general.

Size and Weight 

It is at least worth considering the overall size since this generator will be transported to the game. 

Many generators weigh more than 100 pounds. Many of the generators on this list weigh less than 50 pounds dry, including our top pick, the Honda generator.


When evaluating generators, this is also an important factor. Your tailgating party should not be interrupted by the need to refuel. In order to avoid needing to refuel after eight hours, you should find an uninterrupted generator. 

Campers face even greater challenges when it comes to this. Your product should last for a long time, possibly even overnight. The runtime won’t be determined by only the tank size. Power consumption will also play a role. Our list includes generators with figures for their running time at full load and at 25%. It’s better if it can operate without refueling for a longer period of time.


One of the main benefits of tailgating with a generator is its portability. A lightweight generator is imperative because generators can be incredibly heavy. 

Furthermore, handles help make the generator more portable. Even though it seems like a small thing, getting into the habit of doing this can streamline your life. You can carry a generator more efficiently if you hold the handles rather than the whole thing. Furthermore, they allow you to carry your burdens together.

Noise Level

Tailgating parties can be dampened by a humming, noisy generator. Having a loud motor can prevent you from enjoying the game, talking, or listening to music. Inverter generators, on the other hand, produce significantly less noise than conventional generators. 

You probably won’t even notice them running, since they aren’t much louder than a conversation. On our list are some generators with decibel levels indicated, so you can be sure it won’t interfere with tailgating.


Considering how many generators there are on the market, the price ranges are surprisingly wide. The unit you want will probably be reasonably priced if you just need it for tailgating (and not for your home).


A greater number of outlets means a greater number of appliances or devices can be used simultaneously. You want to look for outlets that operate at lower voltages and USB ports on small generators. More main voltage ports are likely to be found on larger generators.

The outlets and ports available on different models will mean that you’ll need to think carefully before you purchase your tailgate generator. Purchasing a hub with many outlets isn’t a wise choice – similarly, if you want your stove to run, USB ports aren’t going to be of much use.


It’s always nice to have a long warranty. Warranty terms should always be as long as possible when it comes to product quality, because manufacturers’ confidence in their products’ durability and quality can be gauged by warranty durations.

It’s crucial to keep your generator in good working order like company guidelines, otherwise, the manufacturer won’t honor your warranty, no matter how comprehensive or long.


Do you plan to use the generator only for tailgating, or will it also be used to power your RV or home, or your shop? This may be a great opportunity to purchase everything you need in one piece.

Safety Features

You should always ensure your generator has a lot of safety features, regardless of what model you choose. 

Combining fuel and oil with machines can quickly lead to disaster. The ability to shut off the engine in the event of low oil and prevent an overload is important, therefore. 

Generators should be shut down if their oil levels drop below minimum levels. Make sure your generator is not overloaded by adding too much fuel. Having too many plugged-in appliances beyond the running watts of your generator can cause the system to overheat.

Tips and Tricks 

  • When installing your unit outside, make sure that it has some form of coverage that keeps the air flowing for cooling and ventilation. 
  • Make sure the surface is neither combustible nor conducting, and that it is always level. 
  • To prevent water from rain from getting on it, it can be raised above the ground a bit.



On our list, the best all-around generator is the Honda EU2200i generator, because it has a 120cc engine with a powerful performance. This generator is extremely quiet, so it is an ideal camping and tailgating generator.

Generators are an important component of every tailgate party, but not all generators are high-energy party animals. So this is all we get. I believe all your worries about generators for tailgating have now been allayed. Among the best generators for tailgating outlined above, you can pick one without a doubt.

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