My Generator Lab was the result of a conversation between Kaif Rai and a group of friends. Each of them was looking for what generator would work best for their office. Kaif accomplished what many people were trying to do, figuring out what “the best thing for X” was.

The MyGeneratorLab is a helpful platform to help you find the right product for your needs.

Research is rarely conducted by the majority of people, who instead rely exclusively on recommendations from their friends. We can understand this. There is no way an individual can read hundreds of reviews and do their own research.

At the time, Kaif and his friends discussed the best portable generators at a generator shop. There were 12 models they considered. Several of them had positive characteristics while others had not. There were cheap ones and there were expensive ones. After spending a few hours in the store, Kaif left with nothing more than an excellent idea for a website.

Our Team

Kaif Rai - CEO & Founder

Kaif Rai

CEO & Founder

MyGeneratorLab was founded and is headed by Kaif Rai. He provides reviews on generators with in-depth guides. Helps you in learning how to maintain generators properly so they will last longer by using my guides!

Carl Denis

Carl Denis

Writer & Publisher

It’s Carl Denis here, and I’m glad you found my site. As a generator enthusiast, I write on MyGeneratorLab. In spite of our trusty RV being used virtually every day on worksites, my wife and I go on road trips every weekend with our family in it. As part of my mission, I aim to provide information that will assist you in choosing the right generator.