The Ultimate Accessories For Portable Generators

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No one can deny how useful a portable generator can be, as it can be transported to any location to provide a clean energy source. 

Portable generators are quite handy, but they must be maintained in order to function properly. This is only possible if you have the ultimate accessories for portable generator.

The Ultimate Accessories For Portable Generators

Generator accessories offer a variety of advantages that can improve your generator’s performance, extend its lifespan, and make it easier to use. Make sure before selecting the accessories that meet your desired situations and demands. 

In this post, we will discuss what accessories you should have in order to deal with any situation and make your work cleaner and more efficient.

Determine Which Accessories You Require Firstly

Consider your needs before acquiring additional accessories for your portable generators. Will I need new for the move? Will I need an extension cord, and how loud is my generator?

For example, A silencer, for example, allows you to operate the machine without disturbing neighbors, while waterproof covers protect against severe elements such as rain and snow.

All of these considerations must be kept in mind so that your efforts are not in vain.

List Of Top 10 Ultimate Accessories For Portable Generators

Let’s take a look at these useful accessories of portable generators.

1. Automatic Transfer Switch

The first thing on our list is ATS. Many generators include an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), but if yours does not, it is well worth investing in this extremely handy feature.

In the event of a power loss, the ATS automatically transfers your power source from the utility to your generator, making your generator your temporary source of electricity. When electricity is restored to your main grid, the ATS will be turned off, and your system will draw power from the utility again.

2. Muffler

Although most portable generators are not as loud as larger models, they might be loud enough to disrupt a calm area.

If you’re going to a location where loud noises should be kept to a minimum (for example, small, packed campsites), or if you just wish to lessen the noise your generator creates, a muffler can help.

You can install three types of silencers on your generator

Absorptive silencers: are comprised of sound-absorbing materials such as fiberglass insulation, which dampens the exhaust noise of the generator as it travels through the insulation. It works well for minimizing high-frequency noise.

Reactive silencers: By bouncing sound waves between three chambers connected by a tube, we can minimize noise using this silencer. It is most effective with low to mid-frequency frequencies.

Combination silencers: provide the best of both worlds by incorporating fiberglass insulation within the three-chamber architecture, thereby decreasing noise across all frequencies

3. Cold Weather Kit

A cold weather kit might be extremely useful if you live in a particularly cold area or are traveling to a cold location. Most cold-weather kits feature oil heaters and battery warmers, allowing your generator to function normally even when the temperature dips to dangerously low levels.

Cold temperatures cause the oil to thicken and slow down, causing the generators to stop working. This weather kit contains an oil warmer to keep the oil thin and the generator running smoothly in cold weather. The cold weather will be in high demand among travelers.

4. Wheel Kit

Generators, even when portable, can be heavy. Consider getting a wheel kit if you are regularly transporting your generator. Installing a wheel kit on your portable generator will make moving it much easier!

A robust wheel kit should be capable of supporting the weight of your portable generator in every weather condition and on any terrain. It should reduce vibration as you move the generator from one location to another.

If you need to move your generator frequently, a wheel kit is an excellent addition. They’re lightweight and simple to set up. They typically come with straps and retractable handles that can be conveniently stored after usage.

5. Fuel Stabilizer 

A fuel stabilizer is a liquid solution that is added to gasoline or diesel fuel to keep it from spoiling in your generator tank. It prevents the fuel from interacting with oxygen and generating hazardous gum that can cause corrosion.

Keep a gasoline stabilizer on hand to avoid having to empty your generator tank whenever you are not using it. It will not only protect your fuel, but it will also save you the trouble of draining your tank.

6. Remote Wireless Start

Well, a wireless remote start is the most modern and cutting-edge accessory for generator users. Since it allows you to turn on your portable generator from a distance.

A wireless remote start is especially beneficial for portable generators used on construction sites or by homeowners who want to start their generators without having to walk outside. This addition can also aid persons with disabilities and the elderly.

It allows you to start your generator from up to 80 feet away simply by pushing a key on a wireless remote! It can also come in the form of a remote that is connected to your generator via a long connection.

7. Automatic Voltage Regulator

An Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) assists in the stabilization and maintenance of voltage levels in your system, making it highly handy if you utilize a lot of sensitive electronic equipment or appliances.

The AVR can assist protect your appliances and minimize damage caused by power surges and fluxes in your system by keeping the voltage in your system steady.

8. Extension Cords and Heavy Duty Power Cords

Extension cables and power cords may appear insignificant, but they will prove to be one of the most vital and handy accessories in your collection.

These cards allow you to get the most out of your portable generator by allowing you to power more appliances and utilize them in more areas than if you didn’t have them.

We advise utilizing heavy-duty extension cords that can withstand adverse weather conditions for safety reasons. You don’t want the connection to break due to faulty extension cables, which can be harmful on their own.

9. Maintenance Kit

Maintenance kits allow you to keep your portable generator in good working order by allowing you to repair minor faults or replace commonly used parts as needed. The correct service kits will provide you with the tools you need to ensure that your generator continues to perform in between servicing, allowing it to endure longer and run for many years.

These parts are all included in the top servicing packages:

  • Replacement components
  • gasoline stabilizers
  • oil extraction 

10. Generator Cover or Weatherproof Cover

Last but not least, A generator cover is a very useful accessory to have. When you don’t need to run the generator, it plays a crucial role in keeping it secure.

It can protect your generator from the elements while in storage, keeping water, dust, and debris away from your unit so that it retains its condition until the next time you use it.



Regardless of how pricey your portable generator is. Accessories played a significant part in making the task easier and more convenient.

As the world becomes more modern, generator users should also become more modern by employing the above-mentioned accessories.

I am confident you will enjoy your work, and these attachments will last far longer than using a portable generator without any accessories. It saves you time and effort.

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