9 Best Generators for Food Trucks 2022

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Today, the world has become very fast, and people want anything without having to exert much effort. In order to diminish hunger in a relaxed environment, people prefer to eat at restaurants, cafes, tuck shops, and school canteens.

One little problem that irritates the customers is that they must drive themselves to the required eating place. 

Food Trucks can solve this problem and make it easier for the customers. They can move from place to place easily. Like any machine, electric appliances in food trucks require a certain amount of power.

My list of the best generators for food trucks will help you make an informed decision based on my experience because generators are available at different prices and with different powers in the market. 

Let us help you find the option that meets your needs.

The Best Generators for Food Trucks

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List of the Best Generators for Food Trucks

Below are our top 9 best generators for food trucks:

Products ImageProduct’s NameProduct’s DetailsPrice
DuroMax XP4400EH Propane Powered Generator - Best Generators for Food TrucksDuroMax XP4400EH Propane Powered GeneratorWattage: (Start: 4400  / Running: 3300)
Noise: 69 dB
Weight: 128 lbs
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WEN 56475 - Best Generators for Food TrucksWEN 56475 Portable GeneratorWattage: (Start: 4750  / Running: 3750) 
Noise: 67 dB
Weight: 112.5 lbs
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Briggs & Stratton 30795 P4500 PowerSmart Series - Best Generators for Food TrucksBriggs & Stratton P4500 Inverter GeneratorWattage: (Start:4500  / Running: 3700)
Noise: 60 dB
Weight: 115 lbs
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Westinghouse WGen9500DF Portable Generator - Best Generators for Food TrucksWestinghouse WGen9500DF Portable GeneratorWattage: (Start: 12500 / Running: 9500)
Noise: 74 dB
Weight: 211 lbs
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Pulsar PG5250B Dual FuelPulsar 5250W Dual Fuel Portable GeneratorWattage on GAS (Start: 5250  / Running: 4250 )
On LPG (Start: 4750  / Running: 3850)
Noise: 78 dB
Weight: 115 lbs
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All Power America APGG4000 Portable Generator - Best Generators for Food TrucksAll Power America APGG4000 Portable GeneratorWattage: (Start: 4000 / Running: 3300)
Noise: 72db
Weight: 136.4 lbs
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Firman H03651 Dual Fuel Portable Generator - Best Generators for Food TrucksFirman H03651 Dual Fuel Portable GeneratorWattage on GAS (Start: 4550 / Running: 3650)
On LPG (Start: 4100 / Running: 3300)
Noise: 67 dB
Weight: 119.5 lb
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Briggs & Stratton 30675A Q6500 - Best Generators for Food TrucksBriggs & Stratton 30675A Q6500Wattage: (Start: 6500 / Running: 5000)
Noise: 66 dB
Weight: 144.7 lbs
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WEN DF1100T Dual Fuel Portable Generator - Best Generators for Food TrucksWEN DF1100T Dual Fuel Portable GeneratorWattage on Gasoline (Start:11,000 / Running: 8300)
On Propane (Start: 9500 / Running: 7500)
Noise: 60 to 90 dB
Weight: 214 lbs
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1. Duro MaxXP4400EH Propane Powered Generator – The Best Overall

DuroMax XP4400EH Propane Powered Generator - Best Generators for Food Trucks
  • 7 horsepower from a 208cc engine
  • Power supply: 120V and 240V
  • Low noise level of 69 dB
  • Framework for double-fueling

If you want the best of the best then you can blindly grab the DuromaxXP4400EH propane powered generator. 

The first thing we should look at is its wattage. At any given moment, the amount of power available is expressed by this number. There will be a certain wattage requirement for each item that will be plugged in. This unit is capable of running at 3500 watts. That’s enough to run a wide range of appliances and power tools.

The first time an item is plugged into a generator, it will need a higher surge power. This generator can provide up to 4400 watts of power.

It is powered by a powerful engine that provides 7 horsepower. It comes with a gas tank that holds four gallons. Fuel gauges are included to make it easy for users to determine how much fuel has been consumed and how much fuel is remaining

Due to the fact that the world’s energy consumption is increasing at an incredibly fast rate, environmentally-friendly solutions are in high demand. Gasoline and propane are both compatible with this DuroMax generator. 

Gases such as propane burn cleaner than fuels such as gasoline and don’t cause complications in carburetors. The fuel can be changed easily and quickly. You can switch from gas to propane in a matter of seconds.


  • Propane fuelling prevents carburetors from gumming up, ensuring a reliable starting system
  • Installed muffler and a heavy-duty steel frame make this generator run quietly
  • When heavy loads are applied, an idle control keeps RPMs steady


  • Substitution guarantees are weeks 30 days

2. WEN 56475 Portable Generator – Best in Price Value

WEN 56475 - Best Generators for Food Trucks
  • Low-oil closure
  • Generally regarded as moderate
  • 50-state CARB and EPA III legitimate

Users can expect the greatest value from this generator. WEN is reputed to make high-quality, affordable products that are comparable to much more expensive ones. A good example of this is the 56475 model compact generator.

From this generator, you’ll get a maximum output of 4,750 watts and an average output of 3,750 watts. It’s 50-state legitimate, so you can dependably utilize it anyplace.

It is fitted with an electric starter, so anyone can start it regardless of the weather. Oil low-relief valve ensures engine protection in the event of a low oil level. Additionally, you can take out overburden insurance to protect your generator and other equipment against damage.

Safety is a priority when designing this generator. With its spark arrestor, the WEN 56475 Portable Generator is completely safe for use in parks and forests. 

Any flammable debris cannot be released through a spark arrestor. The automatic shutoff function protects your appliances from overload and shuts down when the oil level is low.

Furthermore, it features foldable handles on each side and rear wheels that make transportation easy. With all these features, it’s a very good portable generator.


  • Supported by a steel frame
  • Integrated air-cooling system
  • Programmed voltage controller


  • The availability of batteries in stores is limited
  • Manufacturing processes that lack quality control

3. Briggs & Stratton P4500 Inverter Generator – Premium Option

Briggs & Stratton 30795 P4500 PowerSmart Series - Best Generators for Food Trucks
  • 61 dB of calm activity
  • Produce adjustable power for touch hardware
  • Runs for approximately 16hrs. with full tank

This will be a premium option for users that’s why we enlisted this in our top 9 best generators for food trucks. Briggs & Stratton’s P4500 is updated with a stylish and modern look and is extremely portable. With a few tweaks and some added technology, the PowerSmart looks quite similar to its predecessors. 

This generator is suitable for portable use even though it weighs quite a bit. Having retractable handles and good wheels, it is easy to move around a camping site or garage.

As a home and camping generator, the P4500 offers 3,700 watts of running power and 4,500 peak watts. In other words, by adding more watts, the power can be increased without the device becoming heavy and bulky.

Generators that use inverter technology offer more reliable power and quieter operation for delicate electronic devices and hardware

In terms of fuel efficiency, Briggs & Stratton claims this generator is the best. An entire tank of fuel, 3.5 gallons, will allow you to run the unit for 16 hours at a 25% burden.

In this case, the machine will adjust the motor speed to create only the amount of power needed by the connected devices. A user will be able to stay in touch in this way.

Furthermore, this invention can also shut down carbon monoxide levels, so you have no reason to wait: take advantage of it and take your work up a notch.


  • Easy starting with push-button electric start and automatic choke
  • When harmful levels of carbon monoxide are detected, CO Guard shuts down the generator
  • The noise-reducing shell protects internal components while minimizing noise


  • Considering its price, it is very expensive
  • It would be better to have bigger wheels on bumpy terrain
  • Inlet for small amounts of gas

4. Westinghouse WGen9500DF Portable Generator

Westinghouse WGen9500DF Portable Generator - Best Generators for Food Trucks
  • With remote and electric start, you can run the generator for up to 12 hours
  • It is ideal for home backups, with dual fuel, ST switch, and transfer capability
  • The gas/propane model has an output rating of 9500/8500 watts at peak and 12500/11200 at rated power

Introducing the Westinghouse WGen9500DF portable generator, It is a dual fuel portable generator. This portable generator provides tremendous power and is ideal for users seeking high voltage power.

With a fuel-burning motor, this generator can generate 12,500 watts at the highest rating and 9,500 watts at the lowest. It can nevertheless run on propane gas as well, so you’re not limited to using gas as a fuel.

A Westinghouse 4-Stroke OHV Engine with a 457cc displacement runs continuously for 12 hours on a 6.6 gallon (25 liters) gas tank, providing power throughout the day through its integrated fuel gauge, automatic shutdown when oil is low, and GFCI outlets.

Starting the WGen9500DF is easy with the push-button electric start, and remote-starting it from a distance is also a snap.

This powerful, yet intuitive control panel features the Transfer Switch Ready L14-30R and the larger 14-50R so that you can power your major appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and sump pump while also powering your lights and entertainment systems all at the same time. 

The VFT Data Center provides real-time information and regular maintenance about output voltage, frequency, and lifespan. 

This portable unit is equipped with strong wheels, a handle, and a lifting bracket, you can power up your house, travel trailer, or job site instantly.

The WGen9500DF is complete with a 3-Year Limited Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support backed by our nationwide customer service and support network. In addition to being expensive, this generator has a tremendous power boost compared to many others as well.


  • Easy switching between gas and propane without having to turn off unit
  • Push-button Electric Start works with key fobs and is backed by an emergency recoil start
  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty


  • Measures 220 pounds in strength
  • Costly compared to other options
  • For 12 hours of service, 6 gallons of fuel are required

5. PULSAR 5250W Dual fuel Portable Generator – Highly Portable

Pulsar PG5250B Dual Fuel
  • You can operate the machine continuously for up to eight hours on a 4-gallon tank
  • A durable powder-coated frame protects the single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, OHV engine with recoil start
  • For better mobility and easier storage, the handle folds down and the wheels never flatten

There is no need to worry about emergency situations when you use the Pulsar 5,250W Dual Fuel Portable Generator due to its small size and incredibly powerful capabilities

The Pulsar Dual Fuel Portable Generator is surprisingly compact and lightweight, but it delivers a powerful 5250 starting watts and 4750 running watts. This is not the most powerful food truck generator, but it can provide plenty of power for most of the standard appliances you need.

Being lightweight (115 lbs) makes transportation a breeze. However, its noise levels are one of its shortcomings. It generates 78dB of noise at 23 feet, which is one of the loudest.

In any case, the fact that this can be accomplished with either gas or propane makes it a particularly useful and advantageous choice for food truck owners.


  • Compact in size
  • A capacity with either natural gas or propane
  • Lightweight and small


  • Despite its size, it is very noisy

6. All Power America APGG4000 Portable Generator – A Multitasker

All Power America APGG4000 Portable Generator - Best Generators for Food Trucks
  • Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Fuel capacity 4 gallons, low oil level shut down
  • There is one 120V AC duplex outlet

Due to the fact that a portable generator must be connected to a heavy-duty extension cord, you cannot power as many appliances inside your home from a portable generator. Although they can’t power the whole house, they work great for a few lamps, the refrigerator, etc.

If you need to run both large and small appliances, pick up the Power America APGG4000 portable generator because it can provide both 120V and 240V power for any size appliance you may need.

With a peak power of 4,000 watts and a running power of 3,300 watts, it’s sufficient for the majority of food trucks.

Nevertheless, this is a very noisy generator. If it’s running at half power at 72 decibels, you’re going to find it hard to communicate with your customers. 

Furthermore, it’s not environmentally friendly. Although this model is approved by the EPA, it is not approved by California Air Resources Board, meaning it is not state-certified.

We like the reasonable cost of the APGG4000, however, without some other reclaiming highlights, we must say no thanks to it.


  • Evaluate in a rational manner
  • provides 240-volt and 120-volt power
  • 7 horsepower are generated by a 208cc engine


  • Impedance – 72 dB
  • Legal in only 50 states
  • Weighing 136 pounds

7. Firman H03651 Dual Fuel Portable Generator – Attractive Design

Firman H03651 Dual Fuel Portable Generator - Best Generators for Food Trucks
  • Phoenix Fat Head Blocks make SIGN’s engine run cool and efficient.
  • Recoil start and electric start
  • On 5 gallons at 50% load, the run time is up to 14 hours

We have a feeling that the Firman H03651 compact generator is a wise decision based on its appearance. It is equipped with a dual fuel plan that can burn either propane or gas.

This generator might even provide sufficient power to run your machines as a whole with a starting power of 4,550 watts and an operating power of 3,650 watts. The licenses are even valid in 50 states, which means they can be used pretty much anywhere.

Despite appearances, however, not everything is as spectacular as it appears at first glance. Despite a relatively mild climate, it overheats frequently.

I don’t think this generator would be a good choice for food trucks because it caters more to dissatisfaction than esteem.


  • Featuring dual-fuel technology
  • Licensed in 50 states
  • A battery is included for an electric start (push-button)


  • A warm climate leads to overheating
  • Propane is an extremely difficult fuel to start with
  • There are only 3,650 running watts

8. Briggs & Stratton 30675A Q6500 – Compact Solution

Briggs & Stratton 30675A Q6500 - Best Generators for Food Trucks
  • With its telescoping handle, you can move the generator around your garage and property easily
  • CO Guard technology shuts down carbon monoxide levels when detected
  • Engine/Alternator 306cc – This highly-efficient engine/alternator can run for up to 14 hours

Powered by Briggs & Stratton Q6500, this engine yields 6500 watts of beginning power and 5000 watts of continuous power. Despite this not being the preferred solution for requesting larger food trucks. For smaller food trucks, it is an excellent solution.

Designed for compactness and lightweight, Briggs & Stratton Q6500 offers a rugged yet lightweight design. This generator is 45% more compact and 30% lighter than regular generators, so moving and storing it will not be an issue. Also, you’ll be pleased with its steel frame encased in a protective shell, which minimizes noise and protects internal components

In addition, this generator features QuietPower Series Inverter Technology. The power produced by this technology is 60% quieter than that produced by standard generators, allowing essential appliances, such as sensitive electronics, to operate continuously.

The generator is capable of powering a variety of electronic devices simultaneously, this generator provides four 120V-20A outlets, two USB ports, and one 120V-240V lockable outlet.

In comparison to Honda 7000W, which is the quietest, this model provides an exceptional level of sound. The maximum noise level is 66dB at 23 feet. In an economy with reduced food trucks that have long working days, this is a conservative generator.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Plenty of outlets
  • A lot of force
  • 14h runtime
  • Conservative


  • Not designed for larger trucks

9. WEN DF1100T Dual Fuel Portable Generator

WEN DF1100T Dual Fuel Portable Generator - Best Generators for Food Trucks
  • The voltage easily goes from 120V to 240V, perfect for emergency backups and transfer switches
  • With the turn of a key, the 457cc 4-stroke OHV engine is powered by an electric start
  • An approximately 8.5-hour half-load run time is provided by the 6.6-gallon tank

The WEN DF1100T generator is another option you can buy to power your food truck. Fuel selection buttons are situated on the side of the tank for easy switching between either gas or propane.

In addition to being a rugged machine, the Wen DF1100 is also dual-fuel or hybrid capable. Both gasoline and propane can be used to power this generator. 

Powered by a 457cc 4-stroke OHV engine, this generator delivers 11000 peak watts and 8300 running watts on gasoline 9500 peak watts, and 7500 running watts on propane. There are four 120V GFCI outlets on the control panel, along with one 120/240V 50A outlet, one 120V 30A wind lock outlet, and one 12V DC outlet. A motor switch, fuel switch, circuit breakers, and an hour meter are also present.

As well as being durable, the metal, 6.6-gallon gas tank is also able to hold a significant amount of fuel, facilitating the continuous operation of the generator for approximately 8.5 hours at 50% of its maximum capacity. Consequently, I am confident that this generator is capable of handling the conditions it has been designed for.

Moreover, it can be very easily transported, thanks to the design of the handles and the non-punctured tires, which allow it to travel on rough terrain. The included LPG hose can be directly connected to propane tanks via its 47-inch length.


  • Due to its powerful motor produces high power yields
  • By using the fuel knob, you can adjust the type of fuel
  • Easy to operate and to transport


  • On occasion, it can be difficult to start the engine

Buying Guide – For Picking Best Generator For Food Truck

In terms of picking the best generator for your food truck, there are a few key things to consider.

Type of generator

There are many similarities among portable generators. Their fuel type is the main difference. Generators can be classified into three groups according to their fuel type:

  • Gas generators
  • Propane generators
  • Dual fuel generators

You can tell which are unique as soon as you see them; dual-fuel generators, which can run on gas and propane, are the most unique.

Size of Generator

Portable generators come in many varieties. You should know that larger generators do not necessarily equate to more power. Many compact generators are available that offer plenty of power, so you can choose one that fits your space. On the other hand, smaller generators typically have more limited fuel capacities.


The moment you have a list of all the appliances you need to prepare a list of how much power each of them will consume at once. It’s important to remember that some need to run continuously, such as refrigerators and freezers.

Appliances use power in two different ways, depending on the type:

  • reactive
  • resistive

When the reactive load is present, the appliances require more energy at startup but use less power during operation. Reactive loads are usually found in appliances with motors.

The power consumption of appliances with resistive loads is low when they are powered up, but it is considerably higher when they are running. Usually, these are heating appliances such as toasters, microwaves, and ovens.

Due to the likelihood that you will be using both types within your truck, you must choose the amount of power that the generator can produce accordingly.

Watt / Ampere

There should be information on the bottom or in the manual of every appliance about its power consumption. The generator’s output is usually measured in watts, while the power requirements of the appliances are usually listed in amperes.

If you want to find out how much power an appliance needs, check with the manufacturer and find out how many volts and amps it requires. By multiplying volts by amperes, you can come up with the power needed in watts.

You should check the generator’s specifications to see how much power it has to start and run.

Run Time

There is a number labeled run time in the specifications for generators. According to this number, the generators can run for a certain number of hours without stopping. Depending on how long your food truck operates, this must be taken into account.

It is better to pick a generator with less power, but with an extended runtime if you are working long hours.

The Level of Noise

Engines of generators produce different levels of noise depending on their engineering. The only rule here is that every type of item produces a different amount of noise, which means that you need to check its specs in order to determine how loud it will be. We generally consider anything lower than 60 dB to be quiet.

Emission of the Generator

Observe the generator’s emissions. If you want to use a standard generator, get one that runs on gas from its own tank, or use an EVAP generator. Detailed information about the generator’s emissions can be found in its manual or detailed description.

The environment and the surrounding area are better off with low emissions generators, particularly for those who work in the area. Be sure to check emission laws in your area. Using a standard generator may result in a $40000 fine if an EVAP generator is required in your area.


It is imperative that the generator be installed properly on the food truck. When installing it inside, it needs more space. However, it can be installed in a trailer or trunk. Keeping it cool and allowing it to have proper airflow requires a large space.

It’s a good idea to put it somewhere else, the trunk is the best place if it’s big. Before you install it, make sure the voltage is sufficient. 120 to 240 V is usually the correct voltage.

You should also ensure that the grounding is done properly. For those who are unsure, hire someone who can do it for you.

Aeration and Ventilation

It is important that the food truck generator has good airflow all around it. It should be taken seriously because a good airflow will help to cool the generator, preventing the people from getting poisoned by exhaust fumes.

Hiring a professional for installation is a good idea, just to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that everyone around it is safe.

During installation, a professional will check the place, to ensure that CO poisoning won’t occur, to keep the area fire-proof, and to ensure that everything is grounded and heat resistant. 

A small fire extinguisher should be kept near the generator, to ensure safety and be prepared for accidents as soon as possible.



So this is all we get. I believe all your worries about generators for food trucks have now been allayed. Among the top 9 best generators for food trucks outlined above, you can pick one and increase your earning potential.

Hopefully, you find this article helpful, and, if so, then share it with your friends and family. Also, feel free to share your thoughts with us by commenting down below.

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