Westinghouse iPro4200 Portable Inverter Generator – Complete Review

Regular open frame generators are available from Westinghouse, as well as inverter generators with closed frames and open frames. There is no doubt that the Westinghouse iGen4200 is the ideal generator for any home or business due to its open-style frame and versatility. You can power your worksite with the…

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Regular open frame generators are available from Westinghouse, as well as inverter generators with closed frames and open frames.

There is no doubt that the Westinghouse iGen4200 is the ideal generator for any home or business due to its open-style frame and versatility.

You can power your worksite with the Westinghouse iPro4200 Portable Generator. You get more power with the iPro4200 due to its powerful engine. The GFCI-protected outlets make this outlet relatively safe and easy to install.

Westinghouse iPro4200

Also, The iPro4200 (open-frame) is not very expensive. It is safe and compliant with OSHA guidelines. 

Westinghouse iPro4200 Portable Generator

The following article will explore the details of the Westinghouse iPro4200 portable generator:

Westinghouse iPro4200 – Best for Industrial Use

Westinghouse iPro4200
  • It weighs 82 pounds
  • The peak power is 4,200 watts, while the running power is 3,500 watts
  • With a built-in 30A TT30R 30V receptacle, the Westinghouse iGen4200 inverter generator can power your travel trailer.
  • The generator runs up to 18 hours on just 2.6 gallons of gasoline
  • 18 hours at 25% loading (hr.)
  • 15 hours. Run time at 50% load (hours)
  • Quieter than traditional portable generators
  • Technology for advanced inverter systems – dependable power for electronics, computers, and other sensitive electronics
  • Deliver clean power with 3% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)
  • The built-in USB charging ports can be used to charge electronics such as mobile phones and tablets
  • Features such as overload protection and oil-low shutoff for added safety
  • It comes with a funnel, oil, tool kit, manual, and quick starter guide
  • A 3-Year warranty comes standard with every portable generator from Westinghouse, as well as a 3-Year / 1000 hour residential warranty and a 1-Year / 1000 hour commercial warranty

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Gasoline-fueled inverter generators like Westinghouse’s iPro4200 are manufactured especially for industrial use. Furthermore, a portable generator can be used during blackouts at home as well as during tailgating and camping. 

The iPro4200 is a hybrid generator, meaning that it is an inverter, but in the form of a non-inverter. Compared to conventional generators, it is 50% quieter and consumes less fuel.


The user interface panel of this open frame generator is full-featured and has a pleasing appearance. Due to its open-frame design and steel construction, it is a highly durable generator suitable for job sites with harsh conditions.


This unit does not come with wheels, but it can be moved around easily. Two people can easily move this open-frame frame around a construction site since it is 82 pounds and easy to move. Furthermore, it is not a large unit. It measures just 20.5 inches wide, 24 inches long, and 20 inches high.


Westinghouse iPro4200 is not only EPA certified and CARB approved but is also compliant with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

This inverter is usable in every state in America. Additionally, OSHA certification ensures the safety and health of its employees.

Efficiency Mode

There is an efficiency mode built into Westinghouse’s iPro4200 engine which increases or decreases the engine’s speed depending on the load. 

Compared to traditional generators, this variable-speed engine is 30% to 50% more energy-efficient. Additionally, the efficiency mode extends the engine’s life and makes the exhaustless polluting.

Clean Power

As an inverter generator, the iPro4200 provides dependable and clean power. THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) is less than 3% on this device. Users of electronic items that are sensitive to distortion can charge them without concerns about damages thanks to this minimal distortion rating. Sensitive electronic devices may include a cell phone, gaming system, laptop, computer, or even a camera.

Output Power

An in-line 4-stroke Westinghouse OHV engine with 212cc and 5.8 HP. Having a starting power of 4200 watts and running power of 3500 watts, this powerful engine offers exceptional performance. You can run numerous power tools on a construction site and a wide range of small and large appliances at home or on a camping trip with this power.

Fuel Tank Size and Runtime

With a steel fuel tank holding 2.6 gallons and a fuel gauge, the generator can operate for up to 18 hours when operating at a quarter load and 15 hours when operating at a half load. The contractors will have peace of mind with this excellent runtime.

Noise Level

Almost all generators produce a running sound that can bother nearby neighbors; however, some generators are noisy but do not exceed the bearing decibel level. Also, iPro4200’s 62 dBA decibel rating makes it a noisy unit, but it is still quieter than most conventional generators.

Power Receptacles

Both AC and DC power outlets are available on the control panel of the iPro4200. In order to ensure users are working in a safe environment, the entire power panel is GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protected. The moment they detect an abnormal current flow between the inbound and outbound currents, these outlets shut off the current supply. Short circuits or insulation failures cause electric shocks, which are prevented with these devices. 

The outlet panel contains six 120-volt, 20-amp AC outlets (5-20R) along with two 5-volt USB ports.

Your power tools and home appliances can run on AC outlets. You can also charge your USB-charged devices via USB ports.

Light Indicators

Whenever the oil level becomes too low, the indicator lights will let you know. Also during overloading and when it’s ready to provide output


In order to protect generators, we have automatic shutdowns for low oil levels as well as overload protection.

The generator gets hot when it is overloaded. As such, overload protection prevents both the unit and your appliances from becoming overheated.

If there is not enough oil left in the generator, the automatic low-oil shutdown turns it off.


Warranty coverage for Westinghouse iPro4200 is 3 years residential plus a 1-year commercial warranty. The warranty does not cover all parts of the generator. A lifetime technical support plan is also available to users, which provides a lot of value in the long run.

My Opinion About iPro4200 Portable Generator

With its powerful inverter generator, the Westinghouse iPro4200 is the best choice. It is fuel-efficient, extremely durable, and produces clean electricity. This lightweight generator is quiet, does not produce much noise, and is equipped with a data center that displays real-time information about its performance.


The engine does not have an electric start mechanism. Also, it lacks outlets with 30 Amperes and 12 Volts.



Hopefully, this article has cleared up all your doubts about iPro4200 and guided you properly, if so, share this article with your friends, family, and other generators users that might be interested in it as well. Also, feel free to share your thoughts with us by commenting down below.

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